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Take an advantage step forward

Take An Advantage Step Forward

LOHAS is known for its various range of fantastically cheap bag products.

Do you need help with a different type of bag that will stand out your business? You have come to the right place. Here are our advantage bag that have been a good feedback in our clients

REUSABLE SHOPPING BAGS-(Non woven bag,Cotton tote bag,Foldable bag )are made by non woven ,oxford or cotton  , it’s more eco-friendly .If your company wants to project a strong corporate image to clients then choose our various bags as promotion gifts or giveaway items at your next business event.

DRAWSTRING BAG – is a small, lightweight bag that is adjustable with two strings, You pull the strings to close the bag, and pull the bag apart at the top when you want to access the items stored inside.it also make an excellent promotional giveaway.

DUFFLE BAG -It’s a large bag made of either natural or synthetic fabric(typically canvas),with a wide-zip opening and plenty of organization,this duffle bag keeps your things right where you need them. portable for your outside activity and traveling.

BACKPACK-it’s a bag put on somebody’s back, it usually has two straps that go over the shoulders, It is used to carry things in it,and it often has many compartments to carry things.People often use backpack on camping trip,hikes ,or any form of outdoor activity where people need to carry many things.it can be also used in school for chilrend. Tells us your ideas ,we will customized as your requirement.

COOLER BAG-It’s a bag made of a thick insulating material that keeps foods and drink cold or warm when you are outside.

COSMETIC BAG-It’s a portable bag, usually a pouch with a drawstring or zippered closure

you can put the makeup for keeping yourself clean and tidy, especially when you are travelling.

We make extra efforts in bringing you the latest products you may use as gifts whether for promotion, marketing, advertising, and any celebrations. You may wish to customise and print your brand, logo, or advertising message on your chosen bag to make it an effective tool for communication.

Imbibed in us is a great passion for evolution in terms of bringing you the best service, and in return would come out to the desired success of your industry.

We commit to bring you the best.


Our mission lies in the total satisfaction of our clients, through personal attention, punctual deliveries, solutions and ideas in selection decisions, total satisfaction in the delivery of our products, with the best quality and the best prices.

Take a step forward now!

The LOHAS Team


Post time: Sep-22-2020

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